Quality and Equipment

Quality and good equipment go hand in hand to bring a repair to a good end. That is why the studio is equipped with the latest and most modern equipment that is used in the Swiss haute horlogerie.

Swiss certified workshop

The workshop has been checked by the renowned watch house The Swatch Group Ltd. and meets all their high demands. The Swiss precision tools are also present in the workshop to be able to work on their watch brands, so that the watches can be made over and over according to the standards of The Swatch Group Ltd.

  • Schoonmaakmachine

    Cleaning machine Greiner vibrograaf ACS 900

    A fully automatic cleaning machine with 4 baths and a dryer.
    The first bath is ultrasonically vibrated, so that the dirt and dried oils of the watch parts come off and the watch is completely clean again.
    By using different liquids in the other baths the clockwork is nicely cleaned and a protective layer is left so that the new oils remain in the right place.

  • Mechanische tester

    Mechanical tester Witschi Chronoscoop S1

    The testing of mechanical watches.

    For mechanical watches to adjust and then test for 6 positions. This unit is in Switzerland to be tested and can in this way very accurately the deviations measured in the movement.

  • Quartz tester

    Quartz tester Witschi analyser Q1

    For measuring the coil and electrical block.

    This device is approved in Switzerland and can in this way very accurately measure the deviations in the timepiece.

  • Polijstmachine

    Polishing machine Elma multispeed

    For the preparation of cases and strapes.

    By the different rotational speeds is also possible to have both gold and steel cases and strapes back nicely to make. Also the materen of cases and/or strapes it is possible to make the watch as good as possible in original condition.
  • Waterdichttester

    Waterproof tester Witschi ALC 2000

    For testing the water resistance up to 10 bar, 100 meters.

    3 bar, 30 meters. The watch is resistant to splashes, not dipping.

    5 bar, 50 meters. The watch is resistant to water for showering and washing dishes.

    10 bar, 100 meters. The watch is resistant to water at swimming.

  • Waterdruktester

    Water pressure tester Roxer Natator 125

    To test the water resistance to 125 bar, 1250 meters. Especially for divers watches.

    20 bar, 200 meters. The watch is resistant to water during recreational diving up to 40 meters deep.

    100 bar, 1000 meters. The Watch is resistant to water during deep-sea diving.