WRSR is a certified service center of

Certificaat OMEGA

As a watchmaker I am certified for repairing the brands of The Swatch Group Ltd. at the highest level, this also means that I can order all original parts from these brands. To be able to work at this level, my skills have been tested by The Swatch Group Ltd. and approved. In addition, a new course will be followed every so often so that I am always up-to-date with regard to the latest developments in the field of watch technology.

I also gained a lot of experience with other brands through an internship at Rolex and many years of experience in the after-sales of Breitling. I also did work for the Richemont SA for some time, so most brands in the higher segment are not unknown to me.

In addition, I gained a lot of experience at QWS, the Grönefeld brothers, in the field of minute rehearsal and chronographs.

We can also repair other brands: